(Drilling Mud Detergent)


(Drilling Mud Detergent)

Function and Advantages:
Encapsulates “Gumbo” and prevents it from forming balls
• Prevents bit and BHA balling
• Prevents flow line plugging
• Prevents shale shaker blinding
• Water Soluble
• Non polluting and environmentally safe
• Retards hydration of drilled solids

General Description:
Opaque liquid with a specific gravity of 1.0.
Neutral Ph.

Typical Treatments:
Treatment varies according to penetration rate, hole volume and the severity of the “gumbo”.

Surface Hole:
Prior to spud but not more than an hour before spud, mix  1 gallon of Del DMD per barrel of spud mud
into the surface tank(s).  Example:   550 bbls of mud, add two 275 gallon totes  (550 gallons) of Del DMD.  Add the DMD over the top of rig tanks.

Once drilling begins add 30 gallons for every third stand drilled or every +/- 270 feet drilled.  Add Del DMD over the top of the suction pit.

When drilling out of surface casing additions can be continued as for surface hole and increased or
decreased as hole conditions dictate.
**defoamer is recommended pro actively or at least some to be on location in case of foaming**

Generally Del DMD is packaged in 275 gallon tote tanks.

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