Del ElastoSeal is an inert malleable, elastomeric sealant material that is a graded LCM product.  It
is a highly compressible and deformable LCM which makes it paramount to sealing seepage,
cure whole mud losses and thereby preventing differential sticking.  These traits enable Del
ElastoSeal to surpass the sealing ability of common LCMs.

• Minimize differential sticking
• Seal off depleted formations and micro fractures
• Improves wall cake quality
• Mixes easily through the mud hopper
•  Excellent seepage, and lost circulation control with minimal rhealogical changes
• Performs above the capacity of common LCM materials
• Withstands higher differential pressures
• Compatible in synthetic, oil base and water base muds (wetting agent required for water base muds)



  • Can withstand high differential pressures
  • Seals micro fractures & permeable sands
  • Prevention of total mud losses, seepage and whole mud losses
  • Mixes easily through the mud hopper
  • Very “Mud Friendly”
  • Minimal effect on mud properties
  • Works well with and enhanced by the addition of other LCM products.





Color:  Dark Brown to Black
Specific Gravity:  1.16
Form:  Rubber Polymer composition
Packaging:  50 lb sack
Solubility In Water:  Insoluble
Particle Size:  30 mesh and less




Typical Treatments:
  • Preventative and Seepage Loss Sweeps – (5-15ppb) Volume may vary, but typically 25-50 bbls.
  • Partial to Whole Mud Losses – Concentrations will vary, but 15-25ppb spotted across the thief

zone using as large a volume as possible, pull up into the casing shoe and let the hole sit static for at least 4 hours while keeping the hole full.  When attempting to regain circulation pull the D.P. up as the pumps are started at a slow pump rate.

NOTE:  Wetting Agent may be  required for waterbased muds – 2.5 gallons/50 bbls or 0.12% by volume.

Recommended Uses:

  • Curve severe to complete loss of circulation
  • Prevent seepage losses in low pressure formations
  • Prevent differential sticking



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